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It has recently come to my attention that when my premium membership ran out I lost the module on my front page containing my terms of use. So, to prevent confusion, and because I don't have time to go through 900 deviations and change the descriptions on each individual image... here is a complete, and more detailed list.

You must read these if you plan on using my stock:

  • Credit me for using my stock either with a link back to my page RaeyenIrael-Stock or a link to the image used.
  • Send me a link to your work, I love seeing it and I'll always favourite it :)
  • You may use my stock in DA prints without prior permission.
  • Do not use my stock outside DA without permission. (N.B. Using a hard copy version for school/college work is ok) 
:star: Posting outside dA ALSO includes Photobucket, tinypic, imageshack and other such image hosting websites. Sending me a link to your work on photobucket etc is NOT acceptable. You must post it on deviant art :star:
  •  You Must ask before selling it outside of dA. In any circumstances.
  • Dont enter images using my stock under the Stock or Photography categories. This is stealing.
  • Please do not use my stock to make premade backgrounds or other types of stock. I am open to requests regarding brush packs, but nothing else.
  • Please be creative. Do Not post my stock as your work if all you've done is changed the colour a bit or used a filter. If this is all you have done I will ask you to remove it.
  • Do not abuse my stock. Do not use my stock in pornographic, abusive or offensive/intolerant pieces. If you are unsure of what that stretches to, just ask. Lewd comments on images will be met with catty sarcastic remarks, or none at all, particularly vile ones will be reported. You have been warned.  
  • My stock is only for members of Deviant Art. If you arent on Deviant art, go somewhere else. You must also ALWAYS post your work on dA, even if it's just in scraps, so that I can have a copy in my archieves. 
  •  I no longer allow use of my stock on RPG and SIM game sites such as, horsephenomena, Howrse etc. My stock has been stolen for them too many times, this is the consequence.

If you do not follow these rules I will ask you to remove your work. If I do you must do so immediately or I will report you to deviant art staff.

Any questions, just message me, I dont bite :D

Thank you for using my stock, I hope you find it useful :D

Art Account: Eternal-Salvation
Photography Account: SilvaVex
Photography page (FB): SilvaVex Photography
Instagram ID: Silvavex
So, as many of you will know, I've become a bit of a deviant art lurker. But I can still be found posting up my photography (not stock) elsewhere other than dA.

I do actually have a dA account for my photography: SilvaVex buuuuuuuuuuut it's woefully outdated. I should really do something about that.

Otherwise, you can find my photography appearing on my facebook page: SilvaVex Photography
And my Instagram (Also spattered with pictures of my cats and other amusing things I find. No food though. Ok maybe one picture of food. Don't judge me.) : SilvaVex
The quality sucks on both, which is frustrating, but in this day and age of social networking it seems to be the best way to get it out there and seen by people.

You know, if you fancied looking at the stuff I do OUTSIDE of stock.
Speaking of which, you can expect a lot more background stock over the next week or so. I took a LOT of photos in the Lake district :paranoid:

Otherwise, here's some more recent (sort of) uses of my stock :D

Make a wish by SolracSevlaFountain of Life by EvyLeeArtThe mare goddess by TheSearchingEyesOut of the frying pan... by Cosmic-Cherry-TreeFramed by ChiaraLily9

And some of the stock I've recently uploaded!

Colwith Force by RaeyenIrael-StockAutumn Walks 5 by RaeyenIrael-StockAutumn Walks 4 by RaeyenIrael-StockMystic Grove by RaeyenIrael-StockPath into the Trees by RaeyenIrael-Stock

P.s. Apparently dA have decided that I am permanently feeling 'dumbfounded' and listening to placebo. It won't let me change it. o.O 
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First off: I apologise for my apparent absence from Deviant art over the last year. I've still been lurking, answering messages and browsing your work, but I've not really been able to post anything for a very long time.

So I thought I owed a couple of people an update:
Over the last year I've been rather preoccupied with something called my 'real life'. It is scary, it is complicated, and it has been down right knackering. HOWEVER, my time away seems to have paid off, as I found out 2 days ago that I will be graduating from University with a First Class degree in Psychology (For people not familiar with the british university system, that's the top degree class that you can achieve!)
I'm utterly chuffed. I put a lot of work into my last year of uni, especially my final year project and it all paid off! Now I just need to find someone to employ me :paranoid:

I've also been focussing a lot on my photography, so most my work now tends to be me behind the camera instead of infront of it, which is why I haven't really posted any stock. I've been reluctant to post up any of my recent photography work as stock,however, as it's quite dear to me and I really don't want to see it abused. And I'd feel bad for the models involved if it was. However... that may change... we'll see. We'll also see if I get back in front of the camera, although as time goes on that looks less and less likely....

Otherwise, thanks to everyone who has still supported my stock, even in my long term of absence, and thanks to everyone who has used any of my images.

Seeing as I've been away for a while, here's some awesome work with my stock I've come back to:
(I hope this works, my premium membership ran out and it's been a long time since I was on a free account...)

<da:thumb id="377698504"/>Be Watchful by janmil000Raeyen by DrewPepinOwl by lgrayart

The Huntress by AsmerionVrykul Shaman by HazelFibonacciThe Guardian by Dani-Owergoor

Anabel Lee by jremmers

Fourth Circle // GREED by vanhaaggenComing Home by wyldravenHanging Out by Ace-Phoenix

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Another DD! *faints*

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 20, 2012, 8:47 AM

Wow, :faint:  
So I regularly lurk on my account now, logging in every other day to check messages and see the awesome stuff being done with my stock.
Yesterday was such a day.... except when I logged in I realised I had 2,300 comments/favourites to go through :|

I'd like to give a massive thank you to TheRainGirl for suggesting my stock image for a DD, and of course Elandria for featuring it!

Hawksong VIII: The Kill by RaeyenIrael-Stock

This image is nearly 2 years old now, but still stands out as being one of the most fun stock shoots I've done. Of course, a huge amount of credit goes to Tasastock for this image too, as she both made the costumes and co-starred in the shot (personally...I think she looks better in it than I do xD but I've always been a little unsatisfied with my stance in this shot lol)

I've received so many new watchers in the past 2 days, so I apologise that I won't have time to reply to them all....

But damn, seeing everyones comments has made me REALLY want to shoot some more stock. I've got a couple of ideas....but bare with me as I never seem to have much spare time to do stock at the moment :paranoid:


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Good Lord! Was that just...stock... I uploaded?

Journal Entry: Fri May 11, 2012, 8:05 AM

*Ahem* So I've been MIA for a little while..... nearly a year in fact....
I have been logging in reasonably often, but generally just lurking and replying to notes and comments.

But I'm going to attempt to be a little more active now, starting this summer!

A lot of stuff has changed in my life this past year, some of which isn't really appropriate to talk about here. But I'm living in Newcastle now almost full time, I'm just about to finish my second year of uni and will be president of my university Rock Society when I come back in september o.O
Despite the stress of Uni, I can honestly say that this is the happiest I've been in years. My life is in a place it's never been before and it's both exciting and satisfying. So stock has unfortunately fallen by the wayside.


I have, however, started to take a much more invested interest in my photography. I now have a 'job' at a local rock club taking photos every week - it doesn't pay much, but it's fun and it's a way of me improving my techniques and getting my work out there.

I've also set up a new Deviant Art account souly for my photography here: SilvaVex:iconsilvavex:
And a facebook page here:…

Feel free to check the stuff on there out and give me feedback/like it/fav it/watch it... you know the drill.
The dA account is still being added to gradually, so it's mostly my older stuff up at the moment.

I hope to do some really interesting shoots over the summer which I may be uploading as stock, so keep your eyes peeled!


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I go away for one minute and.....

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 22, 2011, 10:48 AM

Ok... So it wasnt just one minute... more like a week... then 3 days at home... then another week....
and I get back to about 2000 messages and another Daily Deviation :O

It doesnt get any less exciting, even on the 3rd time.

So thanks SO much to shelldevil for the feature :D And on one of my Elf pictures as well, which makes me VERY happy xD
I now have the joy of going through my mountain of messages. Im going to be very busy for a while.
And as I havent had internet for the last week Im a bit behind :faint:

In fact i'm going to be VERY busy indeed for a while. This year I'm the Vice President of my University's Rock Society... which is the largest voluntary (none course or sport related) society in the uni, so I have a lot to do in regards to that, making posters, spray painting our logo on goody bags, and generally helping to organise stuff before we go back.
Then on top of that I still have to go through and organise all the images I took on my trip with Tasastock and PirateLotus-Stock

I will update with silly pictures of our trip as soon as possible xD

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Kidnapping Imminent...

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 6, 2011, 9:15 AM

Tasastock and PirateLotus-Stock are heading round to my house AS WE SPEAK!
PirateLotus-Stock has skipped the pond for two weeks to come see the sunny *ahem* isles of Britain. Tasa, very bravely, is driving her up the country to see lots of interesting and spiffy sights, and as of tonight.... or rather tomorrow morning.... they're kidnapping me to go along with them :O
We shall be off to York, then to Newcastle (my home for half the year) then on up to Edinburgh (RIGHT in the middle of the Fringe D: ). So it should be a good week.

But first I must get through tonight.
Claire (Tasa) is Vegetarian.
Erin (Piratelotus) is lactose intolerant
So tonights dinner is gonna be.... dun dun duuuuuuun: A vegan Lasagna!
Now, I eat meat till its pooring out my ears.... and I LOVE cheese.... ahem.... so this should be interesting, Ive never cooked for two so.... specific... guests before :p
Hopefully I wont poison them. Most the ingredients are organic from my very own back garden, and Ive already made the dairy free White sauce D: Things may be going well.
Other than that, providing they arent knackered and rubbish when they get here, I'm planning to take them for cocktails :D woo!

So I shall see you all in a weeks time, Hopefully with LOTS of stock and much fun tiems to report. :dummy:

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A Comic strip? Suddenly, Owlbears!

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 26, 2011, 3:20 PM

Yes indeed, I have started a comic strip, based on the hilarity that frequents many of mine and my friends D&D Campaigns.
*You do not have to tell me how nerdy I am, I already know. I revel in it dammit!*

I never realised how much time it takes just to do one strip D: all the colouring, the EPIC COLOURING! I think I must have gone insane. Although actually, Im finding it lots of fun xD

As the title of this journal has already hinted to, The name of the offending comic strip is 'Suddenly, Owlbears!'. If you play D&D, you will probably know what an owlbear is, if not here is an accurate artists rendition:

It's a running joke that we are always expecting to meet an owlbear.
That and 'Rocks fall and you die'.

So far I have uploaded 3 strips over on Eternal-Salvation:
Suddenly, Owlbears. 1 by Eternal-Salvation Suddenly, Owlbears. 2 by Eternal-Salvation Suddenly, Owlbears. 3. by Eternal-Salvation

This is the first time I have ever done a comic strip, so I dont profess to be amazing at it, But i'd love to hear what people think of it. If you're going to criticise though, please do it constructively.

PirateLotus-Stock is coming over to england next week. I shall be kidnapped by her and Tasastock next saturday, exciting stuff. No doubt we will get lots of stock done. And no doubt there will be much hilarity. So keep your eyes peeled for that in the near future :D

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Back from le Holiday

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 12, 2011, 11:01 AM

I got back this afternoon. I had a wonderful time, But I must say, Im glad to be home.
I think there's only so much of relatives that you can take to be honest :p
My portuguese improved drastically over the holiday, after the inevitable demands from my family to know why on earth I'm not fluent yet :paranoid: although I can almost guarentee you that my portuguese will be back to a very poor level by next week. Lol.
But im probably about a kilo heavier after all the food, and Im no longer NEARLY as pasty as I used to be :D

Unfortunately I didnt manage to get much stock, because I only took my small camera, but when Ive looked at the images on the computer I may decide to upload some.
You're also going to have to wait a little while longer for the rest of the High Elf series, because Tasastock Still needs to send me my USB with them all on :p

Thank you to all the people who sent me birthday wishes on sunday too :D I was very surprised I got so many lol.
Also thank you to everyone who's sent me a llama recently, I'm now up to a ninja llama. But I have a massive back log in my message centre and all the llamas was clogging it up a bit :S So i'm not going to be able to return them all, so I apologise for that.
Im steadily working my way through all my messages etc, bare with me :) and hopefully I will have some juicy new images up within the week :dummy:

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Of Elves, Holidays, and Scaring the general public

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 25, 2011, 10:22 AM

So, the diligent of you, or the ones who are also watching Tasastock, will know that yesterday myself and Tasa did a shoot. It was a wonderous shoot. With a bow, and arrows, and a long sword, and elf ears, and long knives and a spear and DID I MEANTION THE ELF EARS?!
I enjoyed wearing the elf ears so much that I didnt take them off until several hours after the actual shoot :p
We came across a lot of dog walkers, as they (and underage teenages wishing to get drunk) seem to be the only people who frequent the dunes. We did revel in their double takes as they passed two elves jumping around with spears and swords :giggle:
And yes, we did, on the drive there, wind the windows down and blast out the Lord of the Rings soundtrack at top volume. Hurrr.

There was a little bit of upset on my part though. Whilst swooshing around on the dunes my engagement ring, which was always a tad too large for my finger anyway, flew off my hand to god knows where :( We searched for a good while, but the place is covered in marram grass, thick marram grass, so it was like looking for a needle in a haystack. I was quite upset, but still, life goes on I suppose :/
My legs are covered in marram grass and bramble scratches though, I had sand everywhere, narrowly avoided cutting my feet to shreds on glass several times, and got royally slobbered on by a very sweet overexcited puppy.... the things I do for you lot ay.
Other than that, I had such a blast that I remembered one of the reasons I still stock.

UNFORTUNATELY, You're gonna have to wait another 2 weeks before I can upload the rest of the shoot :p
However, the only reason you'll have to wait is because I am off to Portugal for two weeks from monday :la: YAY holidays. So I may even get you some stock while I'm over there. Jake seemed pretty keen to do some, so we will if I get a chance.
I also hope to get rid of my epic pastey-ness. That'd be nice.
But I have uploaded a couple of teaser images to wet your appetite :D

Anyway, Here's a few of my favourite stock uses that have graced my inbox recently:
Drowning in Trash by AliciaMarieCreations Out For Dinner by Mr-Ripley Lion and Blue by ishkamoo Bright Side by geometric-harmartia I'm not a Liar. by dun-kel The Hunter by unconnectedbrain Lady Dusk by brainleakage Forest Paradise by confused-j Folly Falls by violscraper

And some of my favourite recent stock from other artists in my devwatch:
Stock 287 by Lady-Moriendistock :thumb212813707: Charge by Eirian-stock Pearls and Lace 2 by Kechake-stock Tess Forest Shoot 14 by Storms-Stock Swordswinging by Dewfooter Frogs 9 by Tasastock Towards The Battle by Eirian-stock

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Ahoy there and Happy Star Wars day! :yoda:
Here we have another installmet of Hidden Gems, in which myself and the Jedi-rific Tasastock pick 4 stockers with less than 15,000 pageviews to show off the the world of dA, along with some of the awesome art already made using their stock.

Raeyen's Picks


queen of hearts4 by DigitalAlchemy-Stockvest skirt4 by DigitalAlchemy-Stockren gown14 by DigitalAlchemy-Stockdorothy8 by DigitalAlchemy-Stockstriped gown10 by DigitalAlchemy-Stock

Transformation by morbidtruthUnder the Rose by MskyCarmenPumpkin Queen by morbidtruth


Roaming the Village by JoyfulStockReading by JoyfulStockHooded Figure by JoyfulStockBride to Be by JoyfulStockArcher by JoyfulStock

The St Patrick Brutes by RorkePiper by AqutalionBosque Misterioso by AndyGarcia666

Tasa's Picks:


Snow Queen Tale 67 by tsubasacompany-stockTwo girls in white 237 by tsubasacompany-stockDe psicopatas y cadaveres 15 by tsubasacompany-stockSnow Queen Tale 19 by tsubasacompany-stockLoli Rei Umbrella 01 by tsubasacompany-stock

Samodivi by Child0fBodom:thumb197054992:


Krista and Tyler 02 by COI-stockSkateboarder 02 by COI-stockCheerleader by COI-stockHolly 03 by COI-stockMarco 005 by COI-stock

Dance By The Moonlight by kitiekat4UCatherine by VampireHungerStrikecoi by zemjendyw

Previous Gems

A DD! How exciting!

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 22, 2011, 9:49 AM

It has been inexcusably long since I wrote a journal, so I apologise. What with university exams (that I passed, Hurray for me :dummy: lol) and other such real life commitments ive been dashing on and off dA quite a while recently.

But I had to write a journal to thank kangel for suggesting one of my stock images for a DD, and FantasyStock for featuring it :D

I definately was NOT expecting that.

In fact, when PirateLotus-Stock commented on my facebook asking if I'd been on dA yet, i thought that something bad had happened -.- lol.

So I am miss happypants at the moment :dance:

And I have nearly 1,500 messages to go through :faint: Which could take me a good while! So sorry if it takes a little while to get to your message/comment. Im not ignoring you.

The offending deviation :giggle: 'Positive' Expression Sheet by RaeyenIrael-Stock

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Into a New Year.

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 31, 2010, 7:01 AM

So, the end of 2010 is fast approaching. I must say by about this point every year its started to drag more than a bit :paranoid:
So far i think that we're gonna be pretty much winging it tonight in regards to celebrations. Im not entirely sure whats going on....
Hopefully the rest of you have all got a good night planned :D

So, stealing the idea off of Tasastock here's my year on dA :aww:

This year, myself and Tasastock have been bringing you a series of articles called Hidden Gems, the 24th installment, and the last of this year's being here… ^^
Ive also done a few articles called 'Meet the Stockers' on StockandResources... i only did about 3 of those, but i will do more in the new year. Promise.
I also started a new series called 'Exploring stock and resources' i which i plan to feature ever last inch of the stock gallery :faint: the latest one (clipart) can be found here…

My year in stock:
Country Road by RaeyenIrael-StockKnife Fight 2 by RaeyenIrael-StockWyrd III by RaeyenIrael-StockRed and Light by RaeyenIrael-StockThelaera 14 by RaeyenIrael-StockTiger Omnom 4 by RaeyenIrael-Stock'Them other' Expressions by RaeyenIrael-StockErisha 8 - Sullen Bride by RaeyenIrael-StockCurious Gigi by RaeyenIrael-StockHawksong IV by RaeyenIrael-StockHawksong XVII by RaeyenIrael-StockLakes and Peaks 6 by RaeyenIrael-Stock

Some awesome uses of my stock this year:
:thumb160058307:Lamia's Snarl by LibertineMFairy Gossip by 0Snow-White0A New World by NevmaHope by VampireSybelleAzure by PetarMaliHunter by Xan-04Stone by ltisraelJanuary Girl by Vandyla

Some of my favourite stocks from other people this year:
Ricketts Glen State Park 96 by Dracoart-StockHoly 3 by MissSouls-stockBlack Gown and Mirror 01 by Lynnwest-StockPirate 31 by chirinstockStarshine 10 by TasastockArgentum Caeli 097 by Elandria:thumb169864795:Background 12 by ElenaDudina

There's just too much to love :faint:

OH. And on a final note, I know some very kind people on here indeed! Some of you will have noticed the mass amount of sub i have now got :wow:
Ebony-Draygon gave me a whole year, Tasastock Gave me a very kind month, and PirateLotus-Stock just gave me another year! :O
I am INCREDIBLY grateful :D

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ffmehhh. Holidays. Annonymous Donators!

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 12, 2010, 3:11 PM

NOTE: Some lovely person/persons have been so wonderful as to donate a subscription to me! Now, dA have a rather annoying habit of not always telling you who. I know that the lovely Ebony-Draygon Has donated me a months sub, but which one of you has donated the rest???? I would love to know so i can shower you with squees and the things i promised below :D :la: :love:
Thats a noise now.

It can mean anything. Ffmehh.

So. Im totally ready to go home now thank you very much. Im running out of food, and cannot justify buying anymore for the next 4 days. That's definately something ive been missing.... home cooked meals. OMNOM.
And for once im actually looking forward to christmas, which is weird. Probably because of the 'I get to be at home for 3 weeks' aspect but still.
The snow in newcastle has almost COMPLETELY disappeared. It's insane. After 2 days of thaw, and i can see more grass than snow again. Incredible. Tomorrow it may all be gone....
But i will miss the car hats. Nothing else.

But now of course everywhere has turned into an ice rink. Im not sure whats worse :paranoid:

Also, It's come to my attention that I only have about a month and half left of my subscription D: And being a poor student, *but not as poor as future students will be, thank you very much pathetic excuse for english government and lying libdems who we TRUSTED* ahem, I may not be able to afford a new one :/ And considering i use my subscription quite a lot for features etc thats a tad of a problem. So if anyone wants to be REALLY amazing and donate a sub to me, even if it's just a month or so, that'd be really appreciated. :D I will love you forever, I will give you the code for my exclusive pack (I still only have one :paranoid:) and i will even make you a stamp :la: Im also going to make a box for donators so i can permenantly feature you lovely people :dummy:

On another note. Go give the new Exploring Stock & Resources article some loving. It has been poorly neglected so far :(…
Which, by the way, it does admittedly sadden me when i feature someone, they see the feature then dont give it loves. :no:


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Into the Unknown?

Welcome back to the third leg of our journey through the Resources and Stock Images gallery. We've got a long way ahead of us and we've only just begun.
In this series of articles I attempt to show you a snippet of each of the categories, and subsequent sub-categories, within this monster of a gallery! Hopefully giving you an insight into places you never knew existed.

In this article, we'll be hacking our way into:


Gallery Info: Clipart
Collections of icons, pictures, buttons and other useful image files submitted by deviants for others to use in their own works.

Resources & Stock Images > Clipart

Star of David strawberry by Hermione75train by nickyedwardsSnow Family ClipArt Set by GroovyClipArtTiger pose 78 of a gazillion by madetobeuniqueHalloween Cupcake Clipart by Wisp-StockWhimsical png flower clipart by madetobeuniqueStork by bsp2232Breakfast by jdDoodles:thumb178820926:Brush by anettfrozenSean Emoticons: Wink by nicoyBlood Cauldron by Eloise-BabyPNG Bird 4 by ThoArtIsPixel:thumb179255556:Kawaii Png Pack O12 by PandyCreations097 Ornate Oval Frame Cutout02 by Tigers-stock:thumb173836727:Antique Phonograph by ScrapBeeR4L Show Ribbon 3 by JNFerrignoScrapBee's No Shadow BUGS 1 by ScrapBeeBreak Dancer Silhouette 1 by kkplumChatter Birds by jdDoodles:thumb166023471:Bat Sketching by HauntingVisionsStockten.png PEACE by fucksecretMusic clipart 4 by LadyErupiano by nad451Death has wings by Slave2DesireClipart Addict's Grave by RezoKaishauri:thumb80124824::thumb141616662:Talk Bubbles Clipart set 2 by SparklingTeaGold Deco Elements by polarfuchstreasuresbrain melt by priesteres-stockdouble flame wings by priesteres-stockGas Mask Scull Brush by Sed-rah-Stockrock on, stock on, use me baby by DarkRiderDLMCBows by chicaaxCat silhouette by valsgalore

And Into Art....

Neptune And Amphitrite by DrezdanyMadame Butterfly by chenoasart:thumb163897184:Making Friends by oilcorner:thumb170392594:
Festivities by ERHBuggyAlice by chimarii

Previous Articles

3D Models
Application Resources

Stocky Stock Stock

FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?

Next time: Designs and Patterns

Stabbity stab stab stab.

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 2, 2010, 5:36 AM

in bulletpoints, for easy digestion :iconteheplz:

1) It is too cold. The north east has gotten a LOT of snow recently. I do not like snow. I also do not like the fact that my pathetic radiator only enjoys warming itself, and not the rest of the room. I also dont like the fact that i cant remember the last time i saw the floor. I ALSO dont like sliding to lectures everyday.

2) People further south whinging about snow on facebook. 'Ohh noooooo i haaattteee snoooow its been snowing for like 2 daaayss noooow' :stab: TWO DAYS?! Its been snowing here nearing on 2 WEEKS now. And you have pitiful snow. I have seen your pictures. Now be quiet.

and now on to more dA related gripes :paranoid:

3) I am getting TIRED of reiterating this same rule about damn RPG and Sim game sites. No is no. I have my rules on my front page, in my journal, and the important ones UNDER THE IMAGE ffs. So you have NO excuse for not seeing them. I will NOT make exceptions. And i am quite tired of people sending me links saying 'Used on etc' KJHKAJBDslkhbalkshbdlaksbd?!?!?! SO MANY RULES BROKEN THERE.

4) If i ask you to remove an image from a particular website etc etc because you have not asked for permission first, or posted it on a prohibited site, i actually EXPECT you to listen. Crazy I know. But i dont take kindly to coming back to the link about 4 months later only to find that it is STILL THERE.

5) Do not watch me just expecting to be watched back. No. It really grates when I send someone a comment saying 'Thanks for the watch :D' and then get one back saying 'Great, now watch me'.
Tbh it's rude. And if you're not watching me for my work, you shouldnt be watching at all. I will watch you IF, and ONLY if, i really like your work and want to see updates of it whenever you post (which is generally the point of watching people....) If all you're posting is webcam pics of your hamster, I WILL NOT WATCH YOU. Simples.
Anyway, i only generally watch stockers on this account as a rule.

There is probably more to rant about. But for now /rant.

On a happy bouncy note, go check out this week's Hidden Gems. We were actually punctual putting this one out. Something that has been rare of late :paranoid: lol…

Also, we're holding a spiffy new contest over at SizzlingHotStock, all about myths and legends, which I love. We have some awesome prizes already, but any more would be more than welcome. And I'm judging again :D YAY.

Now, Have demotivation:

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